The fact that he's mentally ill, as you describe him, is not necessarily a problem in my mind. Sue, it depends on what his illness is and how severe it is. Which is, of course, highly confidential.

Psychology and psychiatry have reached such an advanced level, allowing many mentally ill people to lead a healthy, fulfilled life, relationships and kids included. As long as they are responsible enough to take care of themselves.

But that's not the burning issue here.
The thing about your boyfriend is that it seems like you're really compromising for no reason.

I don’t know where you live and don't know you personally, Samra, only through what you share here on Medium .

But here's what I do know:
You seem intelligent, smart and kind-hearted. And there are so many good men out there. I'm sure you can find someone who respects you, your parents and your true passion that is writing, and the need to be independent.

Yes, you do need to settle for a good relationship. And there are things you can work on if you truly love each other.

But I believe some things are non-negotiable, like your freedom, respect and your happiness.

Blogger. Writer. Listener. Introvert #running #design #passion #tech #music #caffeine #focus

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Adam Troudart

Blogger. Writer. Listener. Introvert #running #design #passion #tech #music #caffeine #focus