When the rubber meets the road

Adam Troudart
1 min readSep 4, 2020

When you’ve posted an article on Medium only to get 4 views

When you’ve tweeted and no one seemed to care

When you’ve put your heart and soul into a post on your website and got no traffic

When you started going for night runs at 1am because that’s the only time you have

When you got a low-paid job just to make ends meet

When you barely get to see your kids because you have to go to work

When no one believes in you any more because you’ve failed (!) twice (or more?)

Although that fire is still burning inside you because you know you can, you will, and in fact you are

When you follow a proven plan because you know this time it has to work, success is “your only mother-fucking option, failure’s not!”

When you actually get your hands dirty, putting pen to paper, against all odds, although everything around you seems bleak and all you have is your vision, passion, commitment, and faith

And you choose faith

Because you know you can, you will and in fact, you are

And you take that leap of faith

And that’s when the rubber meets the road

And progress is made.



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